Friday, 24 February 2017

Styles of Furniture to Choose From Can Become Overwhelming

Let's start with living room
Sometimes it hard to image an empty room for some people, while it is still full with old furniture and old paint. By the time you have probably tried moving things to get a better view of the room empty. Your looking at one color on the wall and you just can not get past it to imagine any other color then what you already have.
STOP step back. Let's try a different approach.
I suggest taking measurements of your living room. Marking where the windows and doors are with good measurements besides just the walls. So you know how much actual wall length you have also if it would be blocking a window or if opening a door would get in the way. Then on computer or paper take a blank page and now start by laying the living room out. Your mind is clear now, no distraction, start with what you do want Then make the rest match that.
Now the fun starts
Let's first think about what kind of couches are we looking for L Shape, sofa and love seat, Recliner or Chair.
Now look at your layout to see if a L shape coach is possible. Remember not all L-Shape coaches have a removable arm to make it work in either direction.
Plus, you don't have to have your sofa against a wall, try something different. Sometimes it gives more wall space for a wall unit or even just a beautiful piece of art on the wall. Space opens up a room.
Step out of your box, you might want to try a bright new color paint on just one wall or two. Your options are endless. If you have a husband like mine white paint is his preference. That means I only get help if its white. I'm sure you will find what works best with your family style and new furniture.
You might want to try different color furniture.
Today they come in so many colors brilliant reds, soft grays, sage, greens and awesome blues, plaid, endless options. Pick what fits best for your family.
Materials - leather, synthetic leather, tweed, fabric, micro fiber, many types of wood, stainless steel, wicker or rattan, too long a list to put it all down. But you get the idea of choices that are out there.
Now you have a lot of ideas to get started with. Go start measuring now!